7 Tips to Grow your Facebook Audience

If you have been following us for more than 2 or 3 weeks you might certainly have read our article about the 4 key points to optimize your Facebook Fan Page. But you would be right to ask us « Why the f*ck would I like to optimize my Facebook Fan Page if I don’t have any fan yet? ». Mmmm. You’d be right. That’s why we’ll teach you a few grandma-tips (yep, she loves Facebook… So what?), and those tips will help you grow your audience!


One thing you need to know about Facebook fans, they won’t be hundreds of thousands to like your Facebook Page overnight. Just like a snowball rolling on the snow and growing gradually, your audience will grow according to the size of your Fan Base. Now that you know that, the first tip we could give you is to cherish your first fans like VIP’s. THEY are at the beginning of the viral process that will make your community grow.


A key point about Facebook Marketing is that people don’t share things they don’t know about (amazing isn’t it?). That’s why; starting with your FanBase you need to publish regularly interesting and engaging content, easy to like and comment. They will love it, they will be part of it. This kind of actions will make your Page visible among their own friends, and those friends might like and comment right after. Publishing engaging content lets you penetrate your fans community… Your fans community community, and maybe the friends of the friends of the… OK! You get it.Best Practice - 7 scecrets to optimize your custom Facebook PageWe advise you to read the article 4 key points to optimize your Facebook Fan Page that completes this one. Here are few tips that were posted on French startups blog Maddyness. Think more about the titles than about the rest (people don’t click on things not catching their attention), publish regularly (not less than every 2 days, not more than every 3 hours), privilege pictures (high viral potential), set up a really good content (good posts were never made by chance), and finally always analyze your stats because they will show you what works and what’s bad in what you’ve done.


Facebook does have some integrated tools that let you have a good start. The invitation tool is one of those. You can find it in the bottom-right corner of your administrator Facebook dashboard. Here comes the moment to invite friends to your Page. But be careful! It’s not about inviting your entire friend list; it’s about inviting friends you think will be interested in what you’re doing. Why? Because people that are not interested in what your doing will be inactive fans, they will lower your activity and viral potential.7 Tips to Grow your Facebook AudienceIf there’s one thing to know before dying, it’s that the number of likes doesn’t mean much for a Facebook Page, it’s like a recap of your activity but nothing more. What is really worth it to work on is the number of « Talking about » people. This « Talking About » number counts the number of active fans… those fans that interact, comment, share your content. The second advice we could give you is to prefer fewer very active fans to thousands of inactive ones.


If you’ve created a Facebook Page, it must be because you already have a business or activity and you want to increase its audience (Such a clever boy isn’t it?). A second way to increase your audience with active fans is to tell that you actually have a Page wherever you’re active: on your social networks, your YouTube channel, your store, your grandma’s ranch etc. But be careful, people don’t like spammers; just be smart, I know you are. Do it with tools that are made for that and use them the way that fits the best your business. The most used tools that gather fans through your business are social plugins.


7 Tips to Grow your Facebook AudienceFacebook’s Social Plugins are tools that were developed by Facebook itself to be integrated into your website or blog. They let your visitors, clients or readers to like your Page or comment your content in one single click, and don’t forget it also makes your content viral, even if they didn’t « like your page ». Do you get it now when we tell you that the number of fans you have does not mean much?[slideshow_deploy id=’2010′]

THE LIKE/SEND BUTTON. The Like button is very effective since it lets any visitor on your website to become a fan with one single click. Let me give you a small piece of advice: think very carefully where you place it because it will have a direct impact on its efficiency, think about putting it right after the subscription for example, as a mean to comfort the decision.THE ACTIVITY FEED. The Activity Feed is a widget that you can integrate into your website or blog and that regroups all the most popular posts you made: the most liked commented and shared ones. It lets people that are done with what they were reading from you for example not to leave your website and begin to read another article from you.THE RECOMMENDATION BOX. The Recommendation Box is a bit like the Activity Feed but a bit different and maybe more qualitative. This plugin lets you show the visitors that read your content for example not only to see which one of their friends liked the content they’re actually reading, but also to see what content would fit their interests according to the other likes of those friends.THE LIKE BOX. The like box is a bit like the like button (wooow too many likes over here). This plugin lets your visitors see which one of their friends did like your Fan Page. It’s very effective since it makes your business more trustful in their eyes. And this feeling counts a lot during a subscription process for example.


You may have a community out of Facebook like many of our other users. And you would be clever to ask them to join your Page. But how? A pretty good way would be to send an e-mailing campaign dedicated to this topic. (Emailing is not dead trust me!)7 Tips to Grow your Facebook AudienceBut you have to seriously think about the way you’ll do it and send the best mails ever. For example don’t put a simple Facebook logo. The logo has been so much used that now people don’t even notice it any more. A good e-mail that is supposed to make people join your Page is well built, with one specially designed button, one link. It must be clear and direct and make people feel like clicking it. Create a special event for this, and more than all make your mail redirect to the Page of the event that you’ll specially have equipped with a Fan Gate. The Fan Gate is a feature that you can add to your f-Site for free that lets you display a special Page for non-fans and that highlights the like button, not like on your timeline where it’s not the case. If you want to know more about the Fan Gate, just click here.


You know what Facebook apps are? No? Perfect! Well with applications that PageYourself lets you set up on your Facebook Page, you can add much more diversified, interactive, and engaging content (remember the virality thing?) than you’ll ever be able to do on your classical Timeline. Well until now it was not possible to link all those apps between each other and it was not very handy for users. But now with PageYourself you can do it!You know Facebook is like real life: people remember what surprised them; they don’t remember classical and boring stuff. That’s why your Page must surprise them in a good way with the most amazing interactive and engaging content so that they’ll have to be member and comment and even maybe share your Page, making their friends know that you exist and that they like you… and that’s all what virality is about. But to make them feel this « WOW » moment, you need to customize your Page so that it doesn’t look like any other one and allows you to post that kind of stuff that will amaze them. To customize your Facebook Page, you can create your f-Site.[slideshow_deploy id=’2035′]

A.CHOOSE THE APPS OF YOUR F-SITE THAT WILL FIT YOUR NEEDSNow that you’ve understood what virality is about: posting amazing, interactive and engaging stuff. And to do that, what is better than posting a slideshow of your portfolio if you’re a designer, a playlist of your tracks if you’re a DJ, a video channel if you’re a Shoutcaster, etc. Again, don’t add apps just to do so, add only apps that fit your needs or the ones of your fans.B.CREATE A FAN GATENow that you have amazing content, make sure that only fans can view it. Would you be interested in knowing that 64% more fans are converted into fans thanks to a Fan Gate? If you’ve read the article so far (and I’m glad you did. By the way your hair looks pretty today.) you may know that a Fan Gate is a feature that we offer for free and that lets you put fans-only content. Now we can discuss the 2 types of fan gates that are available at this moment. The first one is a mask with a picture, a text and a design that encourage people to be part of your community; the second one is a simple banner that has the same effect in a smoother way.C.SEND NOTIFICATIONSYou know what notifications are right? You know, those little red dots on the top of your Facebook Page that let you know somebody interacted with you?Well as a Page administrator you may send notifications to your fans to let them know that you posted something that may interest them. But be careful with this feature: do it only with your most VIP fans for example, you don’t want to be seen as a spammer, but as the guy that sends notifications to a really small amount of people so that this kind of actions looks exclusive. D.THE OPEN GRAPHWhat is the Open Graph? People talk about the Open Graph but most of them don’t know much about it. Let me picture it for you. It’s like a huge spider web that gathers all the content (photos, videos, articles, websites, etc.) and users. It lets websites or applications (like PageYourself for example) create links between this content and those users and even between users themselves.This idea is a bit hard to understand and to stand, but maybe this picture will let you imagine what it looks like a bit easier.7 Tips to Grow your Facebook AudienceHow to use the Open Graph? You know, the f-Sites have been designed to fit perfectly to the Open Graph. That’s why any of the actions that would be done on your f-Site is much more viral that on any other place. And once it’s well set up it lures trafic by itself.This way, if you have an iPhone app that you wish to promote through Facebook for example, you can set up the App Download f-Site app that will push this information into the Open Graph. This way even the friends of your fans that downloaded the app will know that your app is available on your f-Site and will go download it too. And there goes the viral process we’re talking about since the beginning of the article. And better than all, all the data concerning your users will be integrated into the analytics of your dashboard, and you’ll know their name, age, sex, town and even their e-mail! As the saying goes « SWAG » !

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